REVO2700 html server1@ 4  ULucida Grande UMonaco UMonaco U Courier New U Courier New UCourier New,Unicode @ Start ServerEplocal theConns on mouseUp if the label of me <> "stop server" then set the label of me to "stop server" accept connections on port "8000" with message "incomming" log "server up" else put 0 into counter repeat for each line theLine in theConns if theLine <> "" then close socket theLine add one to counter end if end repeat close socket "8000" if the result <> "" then set the label of me to "" log "error while shuting down:" && the result else if counter <> 0 then set the label of me to "" log "server down with" && counter && "errors" else set the label of me to "" log "server down" end if end if end mouseUp on incomming theIP put theIP & return after theConns put formatForOutput(field "html") into theContent put "HTTP/1.1 200 OK" & crlf into theResponse put "Content-Type: text/html" & crlf after theResponse put "Connection: Close" & crlf after theResponse put "Date: " & the date & the time & crlf after theResponse put "Content-Length: " & length(theContent) & crlf & crlf after theResponse put theContent after theResponse write theResponse to socket theIP if the result <> "" then log "error:" && theResult && "with:" && theIP else log "served:" && theIP end if close socket theIP delete line lineoffset(theIP, theConns) of theConns end incomming function formatForOutput thehtml return unidecode(uniencode(theHTML,"utf8")) end formatForOutput on log theLog put the long system time && theLog & return before field "log" if the number of lines in field "log" > 50 then put line 1 to 50 of field "log" into field "log" end if end log R2 cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1262692840874scripteditorvscroll102scripteditorselection534 Log)`p cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1262692854825  16:32:32 server up 16:32:31 server down !16:32:17 served: !16:32:17 served: !16:31:53 served: !16:31:53 served: !16:31:29 served: !16:31:29 served: !16:31:22 served: !16:31:22 served: !16:30:53 served: !16:29:55 served: !16:20:25 served: !16:20:24 served: 16:19:13 server up  `m html)`(p cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1262703477255  [ @Z  @  @ D @C 'contents of this server @&  @  @ 

What's this?


This server offers you no fancy homepage (nothing beyond what you're looking at). Instead, it offers the following services:

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