REVO2700 Disable Interface2@uz $Disable Interface U Segoe UI cREVGeneralbreakpointconditions breakpointsbreakpointstatesstackfileversion2.7cREVGeometryCachestackID1056 @zcREVGeometryCacheIDs 126730566058710431267305431488101112673058107941049126730594970810521267305381576100812673056332901040126730538614910101267305374100100612673053674771004126730587442210511267305684722104712673056726791045cREVGeometrycacheorder total12 Radio Group $i &0Select Something: cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305431488Radio 1`D,BR cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305367477 Radio 2`D,cR cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305374100 Radio 3`D,R cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305381576 Radio 4`D,R cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305386149   Table Field )c5K cREVTable celledittrue cREVGeneraltabletrue revUniqueID 1267305633290   `@E6Check 1`E,R cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305660587 Check 3`E,:R cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305672679 Check 2`E,R cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305684722  Label Field j cREVTable currentviewClick button to disable window: cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305810794 Click button to disable window:DisableMpon mouseUp set the rect of graphic"rectangle" to the rect of this card set the visible of graphic"rectangle" to true modal stack "Display Timer" end mouseUp ~kR3 cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305874422scripteditorvscroll0scripteditorselection131  RectangleC@ z  cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267305949708Display Timer1 @!^V $ U Segoe UIU Segoe UI U Segoe UI cREVGeneralbreakpointconditions breakpointsbreakpointstatescREVGeometryCachestackID1010 pGlobal gCancelTimer Local lStartTicks, lTimerStarted, lDuration on openCard if lTimerStarted <> "true" then startTimer end openCard on startTimer put "true" into lTimerStarted put 60*60 into tFactor put trunc(1* tFactor) into lDuration # 1 min duration set it to whaterver you want # set up the progress bar set the endvalue of scrollbar "timeleft" to lDuration set the thumbposition of scrollbar "timeleft" to 0 put the ticks into lStartTicks updateProgress end startTimer on updateProgress get the thumbposition of scrollbar "timeleft" put (the ticks - lStartTicks) into tElapsed set the thumbposition of scrollbar "timeleft" to (the ticks - lStartTicks) if the thumbposition of scrollbar "timeleft" >= lDuration or gCancelTimer = "true" then put "false" into lTimerStarted put "false" into gCancelTimer set the endvalue of scrollbar "timeleft" to 0 set the thumbposition of scrollbar "timeleft" to 0 set the visible of graphic "Rectangle" of stack "Disable Interface" to false close this stack exit to top end if send "updateProgress" to me in 3 ticks end updateProgress ^V cREVGeneralscripteditorvscroll107scripteditorselection1138cREVGeometryCacheIDs126730695226810041267307014718100612673070348421008cREVGeometrycachetotal3order   label field y& cREVTable currentviewFetching Data... cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267306952268 Fetching Data... timeleftiaN0 cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267307014718CancelMpLGlobal gCancelTimer on mouseUp put "true" into gCancelTimer end mouseUp 7RP cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1267307034842scripteditorvscroll0scripteditorselection50 revOnline | RunRev