REVO2700ASG IDE Extension@-*| --- Resize object with alt + arrow key -- Change the selection mode to surround by pressing on i -- Version 1.0.2 - 07/18/2010 local lSelectionModeChanged on rawkeyDown pTheKey local tObjectsList, tObject if (this tool is "pointer tool") then if (the altKey is down) and (_isArrowKey(pTheKey)) then -- only if alt key is pressed when using arrow keys put the selectedObjects into tObjectsList -- keep in memory the list of objects to resize repeat for each line tObject in tObjectsList -- a loop to resize all the objects in the list resizeObject tObject, pTheKey end repeat else if (pTheKey is 105) then -- i if (the selectionMode is not "surround") then set the selectionMode to "surround" put true into lSelectionModeChanged end if pass rawkeyDown else pass rawkeyDown end if else pass rawkeyDown end if end rawkeyDown on rawkeyUp pTheKey if (lSelectionModeChanged) then -- Restore the selection mode to "intersect" set the selectionMode to "intersect" put false into lSelectionModeChanged end if end rawkeyUp private function _isArrowKey pTheKey return (pTheKey >= 65361) and (pTheKey <= 65364) end _isArrowKey on resizeObject pTheObject,pTheKey local tDirection, tMyStep get the rect of pTheObject put numKey2Const(pTheKey) into tDirection put getStep(tDirection,the shiftKey is down) into tMyStep -- step = 1 pixel or 10 pixels when the shift key is down add tMyStep to item numKey2rectItem(tDirection) of it -- if (item 3 to 4 of it is not within the rect of this cd) then exit resizeObject set rect of pTheObject to it end resizeObject function numKey2Const pValueKey switch pValueKey case 65361 return "left" break case 65362 return "up" break case 65363 return "right" break case 65364 return "down" break default return "" break end switch end numKey2Const function numKey2rectItem pDirection if (pDirection is in "left,right") then return 3 else return 4 end if end numKey2rectItem function getStep pDirection,pShiftModifier local tMyStep if (pDirection is in "left,up") then put -1 into tMyStep -- reduce the size of the object else put 1 into tMyStep -- grow up the size of the object end if if pShiftModifier then put (tMyStep * 10) into tMyStep return tMyStep end getStep DP]IDE Extension ULucida Grande WLucida Grande ULucida GrandeU courier new ULucida Grande ULucida Grande UArial UArial cREVLoadInfoloadstartupinMenutrue cREVGeneralscripteditorvscroll599breakpointconditionsscripteditorselection1075 breakpointsbreakpointstatesstackfileversion2.7 card id 1002 P© 2010 ASG Inc.

 cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1285369915436  2010 ASG Inc.Infos P)on mouseUp showInfos --C end mouseUp k 'ZGIF89a 1, kH *+ƈ AIp(1rpp;"4̐*%ڤ2saę/SQlHQ` wď0;@ :4U`@; cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1285370215351scripteditorvscroll0scripteditorselection23IDE Extension Infos@+R DPYInfos ULucida Grande UArial UArial WLucida Grande cREVGeneralbreakpointconditions breakpointsbreakpointstates @R\  Field_Infos)`@x.| cREVGeneral revUniqueID 1285370359377  IDE Extension Plugin allows: - resizing selected controls by 1 pixel with arrowkeys when the alt key is pressed. With the shift key modifier, the controls are resized by ten pixels increments. G- activate temporaly the selection mode to surround, by pressing on i. :--------------------------------------------------------- Version History  1.0 - First release 09/25/2010 `k,zCloseEp,on mouseUp close this stack end mouseUp (8R cREVGeneralscripteditorvscroll0 revUniqueID 1285370778169scripteditorselection30