REVO7000wake-up dictionnary1 @-_? WAmerican Typewriter ULucida Grande,unicode  cREVGeneral breakpointstates breakpointsbreakpointconditionsstackfileversion7.0 @_:)Bring the dictionnary window back in viewJon mouseUp set the loc of stack "revDictionary" to 500,500 end mouseUp  D  cREVGeneral  revUniqueIDOEuBscripteditorvscrollscripteditorselection61 Field)` d  cREVGeneral  revUniqueIDyEuB  !The smallest utility stack ever ? 'B ' CTo re-position the dictionnary window in case it has been messed up ' by use in a dual screen configuration. In a dual screen environment the dictionnary can sometimes disappear and never reappear until it's location is reset. But who knows by heart the name of the corresponding stack? ' ' )The name of that stack is "revDictionary" 'R !and the script of the button is : 'B /set the loc of stack "revDictionary" to 500,500 '^ ' Following this thread :: '0 ' w ' revOnline | RunRev