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View indentString.livecode
function indentString pString, pPadding
if pPadding is empty then put 4 into pPadding
return format("%*s",pPadding,"") & pString
end indentString
View rest.livecode.world stack: lib_RevIgniter.livecode
--> MetaData
copyright: David Bovill
license: GPLv3
name: lib_RevIgniter
type: script library
version: 0.5
View rest.livecode.world stack: lib_GistIgniter.livecode
--> MetaData
license: GPLv3
name: lib_GistIgniter
type: library
version: 0.4
These handlers interface with a remote revIgniter server.
They are used by the revIgniter Code Helper application to speed up coding controllers and libraries in revIgniter.
View hide files and folders.livecode
thePaths contains a cr delimited list of valid file/folder path
set the hideconsolewindows to true
put empty into tErrors
repeat for each line tPath in thePaths
put theFolder&tPath into tPath
if last char of tPath = slash then
delete last char of tPath
end if
replace "/" with "\" in tPath
View get the path and file name.livecode
To get the path and file name
the effective fileName of this stack
To get just the path this works...
set the itemDelimiter to "/"
put (item 1 to -2 of the effective fileName of this stack) & "/" into tMyPath
View auto saves a stack.livecode
Auto saves a stack every 10 mins, easy to convert to save files
on openstack
end openstack
on dosave
save this stack
send dosave to me in 600 seconds
end dosave
View load library stack.livecode
Loads a library stack invisibly for use by a calling stack and makes it ready to use
local tPath
lock screen
//loads the library from disk and inserts it as a library
set the itemDel to "/"
put the effective filename of stack "myMainStack" into tPath
put "MyLibraryStack.livecode" into item -1 of tPath
open invisible stack tPath
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