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  • 19 September 2019
## v100...Sep 12,2019...first version on SampleStacks
## v103...Sep 18,2019...added rhumbLine and greatCircle bearing
## v104...Sep 19,2019...unified output format & made as library
## v105...Sep 19,2019...added "copy info" & make run on mac/win/linux/raspi
## v106...Sep 19,2019...make strict compilation safe (thanks Bernd)

This is a collection of very basic functions for using geoPoints.
BasicGeoLib runs using LC 6/7/8/9 on Mac, Win7/10, linux (ubuntu 1704) and raspi 3/4 (LC 651 and 704, Raspbian or Xubuntu).

This sample stack has the library as substack and has a copy Function for you.

The points have to be in the format: longitude,latitude in that order, as decimal numbers, as in GeoJSON, NOT in Google.
That is the first item (longitude) is a decimal in range -180 to 180,
the second item (latitude) is a decimal in range -90 to 90.
And the third item is, if needed, a time in seconds (not an elevation value).

Credits: See the geoLib source, all is MIT-licensed.
License: MIT ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MIT_License )

Supported functions (rightClick the hh-Logo to see the library stack script):

* getHaversineDistance(point1,point2)
* getDistance(point1,point2)
* intermediatePoint(point1,point2,fraction)
* greatCircleBearing(point1,point2)
* rhumbLineBearing(point1,point2)
* getSpeed(point1,startSecs,point2,endSecs)
* isPointWithinRadius(centerPoint,radius,listOfPoints)
* orderByDistance(toPoint,fromList)
* getDistanceFromLine(point1,point2,fromList)
* getBoundsAndLoc(linesOfPoints)
* getPathLength(linesOfPoints)
* sexagesimalToDecimal(linesOfPoints)
* decimalToSexagesimal(linesOfPoints)
* getDestinationPointH(point1,distance,bearing)
* getDestinationPointV(point1,distance,bearing)

BerndN added a function to get one of the 16 compass directions from a degree value.
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