REVO7000macToast0 @YK9 UHelvetica Neue UHelvetica Neue,unicode UHelvetica Neue Medium UHelvetica Neue Medium,unicode UHelvetica Neue Bold UHelvetica Neue Bold,unicode  cREVGeneral breakpointstates breakpointsbreakpointconditionsscripteditorselection0scripteditorvscroll scalefactor?macToast P command macToast pToastMsg, pToastTitle, pToastSubTitle, pToastSound if the platform is "MacOS" then set the itemdelimiter to "." put item 2 of the systemVersion into checkCompat set the itemdelimiter to "." if checkCompat >=8 then replace quote with "\""e in pToastMsg replace quote with "\""e in pToastTitle replace quote with "\""e in pToastSubTitle replace return with "\r" in pToastMsg replace return with " " in pToastTitle replace return with " " in pToastSubTitle if pToastSound <> empty then put " sound name " "e& pToastSound "e into tToastSoundScrpt end if do "display notification " "e& pToastMsg "e& \ " with title ""e& pToastTitle "e& \ " subtitle ""e& pToastSubTitle "e& \ tToastSoundScrpt as AppleScript end if end if end macToast YK:  cREVGeneral scripteditorselection26debugParameters3pToastMsg,Text pToastTitle,Title pToastSubTitle,SubdebugEntryHandler M,MacTOASTscripteditorvscroll0macToastEpon mouseUp macToast cd fld ToastMsg, cd fld ToastTitle, cd fld ToastSubTitle, default end mouseUp -- any sound file in ~/Library/Sounds/ -- any sound file in /System/Library/Sounds/ --/System/Library/Sounds/Basso.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Blow.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Bottle.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Frog.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Funk.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Glass.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Hero.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Morse.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Ping.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Pop.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Purr.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Sosumi.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Submarine.aiff --/System/Library/Sounds/Tink.aiff  s  cREVGeneral scripteditorselection18debugParametersdebugEntryHandler M,mouseUpscripteditorvscroll ToastMsg)hg9   cREVGeneral tablefalse cRevTable  cellFormatfalsemaxColumnCountcellEditfalse  Content of the message ',  ToastSubTitle)hL8   cREVGeneral  revUniqueID` vBtablefalse cRevTable  cellFormatfalsemaxColumnCountcellEditfalse  Subtitle '  ToastTitle)h-6   cREVGeneral  revUniqueID` vBtablefalsescripteditorselection0scripteditorvscroll cRevTable  cellFormatfalsemaxColumnCountcellEditfalse  Title ' Open macToast ScriptEp7on mouseUp edit the script of this card end mouseUp @   cREVGeneral scripteditorvscrollscripteditorselection55 revUniqueIDpvB macToast-no soundEpon mouseUp macToast cd fld ToastMsg, cd fld ToastTitle, cd fld ToastSubTitle -- , pSoundFileName or anything besides empty end mouseUp @  cREVGeneral scripteditorselection18 revUniqueID0_vBdebugParametersdebugEntryHandler M,mouseUpscripteditorvscroll About macToast ScriptEpon mouseUp answer "macToast is an LCScript for MacOS 10.8+ that acts similarly to mobileToast"&cr&\ " Parameters:" &cr& "MessageString, TileString, SubTitleString, SystemAlertSound (optional, empty=mute)" end mouseUp @   cREVGeneral scripteditorvscrollscripteditorselection82 revUniqueID0vB revOnline | RunRev