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Kochi Mini SVN Installer

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  • 03 November 2012
Free "Kochi Mini SVN" a very simple "Version Control SystemÓ for LiveCode
"Kochi Mini SVN" is a very, very, simple "Script-Level Version Control System" for LiveCode, built directly into the LiveCode Script Editor.

How does it work:
The Stack "Kochi Mini SVN" has to be used as a plugin, so please (save if it from revOnline) move it into your plugin folder before you try to install/uninstall "Kochi Mini SVN". When you install "Kochi Mini SVN", it places 4 buttons, 2 images and one support substack (revSE__Script__SVN) into the LiveCode Script Editor.

"Kochi mini SVN Installer" does NOT alter any scripts from the LiveCode IDE !!!

After a restart, to clean up memory, you're ready to use "Kochi Mini SVN" inside the Script Editor Window.

Best Practice -> Install/Uninstall when you have no other stacks open since you have to restart LiveCode in both cases !

Get more info about "Kochi Mini SVN" in the installer stack itself by clicking onto the question mark.

Have fun as always

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