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  • 08 April 2015
Complex Garage Door Effect
This is one example of at about 80 stacks that all are fast enough and run on a RaspberryPi (and also on Desktop Mac/Win/Linux).
See the collection "RaspberryPi Stacks" in the LC-forum:

Complex Garage Door Effect.
This more advanced stack 'garage4Doors' uses the classic set of four doors and shows moreover many variations of this technique. It works not with groups but with 'hiders', because slider variations are simpler derived this way. Each of these visual variations has its own 'movement beauty', clearly depending also on the resources used for the graphic objects. I added the images that shall serve to compare directly to the CSS/jQuery version. You have to add other resources yourself. The scripts require some experiences with message handling and organising possible states. A teeny will probably need some assistance for scripting this or adapting the scripts to other situations.

Options for ...

what is moving, 'door' (shutter) or 'garage' (content)
where it is moving (in front or back)
the direction of movement (up or down)
the modus of moving (garage or sliders)
the kind of moving (single or synchron)
... sum up to 40 choosable animation types, and these may be each triggered by either mouseEnter, mouseDown or spacebar.
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Expander triangle
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Expander triangle