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AlertBuilder v2a

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  • Hermann Hoch
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  • 21 June 2016
Improved in v2a:
Problem with Windows 7/8/10 solved.
Added an "editMode" for resizing all shapes/ deforming the regular polygons:
Make a nice artwork for your alert by reshaping a 24-vertices polygon!
This is stack #78 of the collection there:
(it is here because it is too large for a download in the LC-forum)
The stack runs in latest version of LC 6/7/8 (6.7.11-7.1.4-8.1.0).
It is tested on desktop with Mac 10.6-10.11 / Win 7-10 / Ubuntu 15.10-16.04.
It runs on Raspi B+ (Debian)/ Raspi 2 (Lubuntu)/ Raspi 3 (Xubuntu) with LC 6.5.1 and 7.0.4.
[Using a built alert on Android and iOS will need some additional work.]
There is large help available in the stack.
Short info:
The stack builds a (sub-)stack, that you can use as an alert.
[+] The built alertStack is 'windowshaped' and disappears after N seconds (counting down the seconds).
[+] Available shapes: Rectangle, roundRect, oval and regular polys (3 to 24 vertices).
... The shapes are resizable and (if regular polygons) 'reshapable' by handles, check button "editMode" for that.
[+] BackColor, foreColor (border) and lineSize of the shape may be set.
[+] The text is editable (textSize, textFont, textColor)
[+] 756 HiRes-icons (PNG) from Google's set are available
... https://github.com/google/material-design-icons/archive/master.zip (60 MByte)
... [Please read and use licenses from the package.]
[+] The icons are resizable.
[+] We colorise the icons by ourselves in the editing stack or the built alert.
[+] A small subset of the icons is attached to the built alert.
Have fun! [-hh]
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