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  • 15 July 2016
zipContainer for use in "Sample Stacks"
An empty container for community members who wish to upload a zip file into the "Sample Stacks" collection.

= Download the empty container.
= Drag a zip file to the topLeft field (or click it for a system file dialog) to load a zip into the container.
= Write your "Readme" in the right field or delete at least the "template-info".
= Save the container stack as .livecode.
= Upload this filled container .livecode as "ordinary" stack.

[ The zip file is saved in the stack.The script also sets the short *name* of the stack to the zip's name and reads the content listing for a display in the bottom field.
The buttons are (also) for usage by the downloaders of your zip container:
Downloader of your filled container may save the stack as it is, as container, for later use,
or save the contained zip file to a disk and unzip it as usual. ]
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Expander triangle
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Expander triangle