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LCB widget: SVGText v1.0.0

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  • 21 October 2016
SvgText.zip - container of SVGText100.zip
This widget is for LC 8.1.1 (because the widget format was changed with 8.1.1)
[An (slightly changed) version for LC 8.1.6 is separately available (because the widget format of 8.1.6 is again different from LC 8.1.1). See http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?f=93&t=28020 , after #51.]

Version 1.0.0 of Oct 21, 2016: [a] Added patterns, now you can fill the svgText (or any other svgPath) with images. [b] Improved help a little bit. [c] You can now import by copy/paste any svgIcon path (to be used instead of the the svgTextPath).
[Here are 8 revisions, because I first was fooled by a stack version that was in RAM, sorry.]

svgText widget:
The stack contains a widget for displaying short pieces of TEXT (one line) as a svgPath (like svgIcon for symbols). You may especially use the path from the text as svgIcon (see the demo stack).

[1] Save the zip (use button "save zip as..." in the downloaded stack) und unzip it.
[2] Start LC 8.1.1 or later and use the "plus" from Extension Manager (menu Tools) to load the package ( = .lce file).
[3] There are detailed dictionary entries.
[4] Instead of a user doc you may play with the demo stack = my test stack, contained in the zip.

You may find more community widgets ("extensions") here in the LC-forum:
[=Topic"Community widgets" in subforum "Advanced / Livecode Builder"]
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Max V
Sep 29, 2016
Hi, why did you create svgText and pathRotate properties? It should be more standard using text and angle properties as name identifiers.
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Hermann Hoch
Sep 30, 2016
Hi, the properties text and angle are usually properties of controls (here: the widget). They are not set and still available for extended versions of the widget. So such a naming could be misleading.
= svgText is not a property of the widget itself but a property of the display path of the widget (the input text). In LCB terms: Usual text could still be drawn on the canvas, only the input for the textPath is set.
= pathRotate is not a widget property but a property of the path. In LCB terms: Not the canvas is rotated but the textPath only.
I used the naming pathRotate, although pathAngle is now a synonym for that, to indicate that this is independent (applied additively) of pathAngleX and pathAngleY.