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  • 30 December 2018
v2a_v100 2017-01-02 ... first sample stack
v2d_v110 2018-12-29 ... updated to the "image-part" of the video version (v110)
v2d_v115 2018-12-30 ... updated piece-size menu

[This is a pure LC Script version (for use with images only, no video). For video puzzling use stack "jigsawPuzzle2d-videoBW" (LC 8+9 on desktop only).]

The piece-sizes for the menu are now all dividers of width or height of the input image (from 20 up to min(width,height)), so that its width or its height (or both) are not cropped when using the "jigsaw".

The following technique is used:
The pieces are polygon graphics of linear and cubic bezier curves. They are filled with backpattern-images from portions of the whole imagedata. Highlighting is done by setting the ink, shaping the pieces includes random parts: Adjusted is the connection to upper and left neighbour, right and down have randomly chosen in- or out-connectors.

You may
** choose a built-in image or import one.
** choose the width of the basic square of all pieces. This determines the number of pieces. If the image has not appropriate size then it is slightly cropped (the imagedata only).
** choose to allow rotation of the pieces
** choose to collect the 'border' pieces at card's bottomRight.
** choose to indicate a correct location (and correct rotation) of the currently dragged piece.

The stack runs on Mac/Win/Linux using LC 6/7/8/9, and on RaspberryPi using (the for Raspi available) LC 651 or LC 704. All scripts are free for non-commercial use.
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