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Circular (Polar) Image Distortion 3.0.2

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  • 20 January 2017
Circular (Polar) Image Distortion v3.0.2
By Hermann Hoch and Bernd Niggemann
v 3.0.2 ... 2017-01-20 ... improved parameter input
v 3.0.0 ... 2017-01-20 ... first common version, improved antialiasing
v2c ........ 2017-01-10 ... added antialiasing (bn's technique. Thanks BerndN!)
v2b ........ 2017-01-08 ... first sample stack

Circular (Polar) Image Distortion = LC-Magick #5

This is the LiveCode implementation of the well known polar-coords-technique.
For each new 'distortion' the algorithm computes the polar coords of the target and looks up the pixel data at the corresponding cartesian coords of the source image.
The main distortion code is only at about 80 lines and commented.
Also the main antialiasing code is only at about 80 lines and (a bit) commented.

You can have circular arcs up to a full circle, filled between an inner and outer radius. Optionally the imagedata can be flipped and/or mirrored at midth.

= outerRadius and outerAngle/stopAngle determine the outer component of the arc up to a full circle.
= innerRadius and innerAngle/startAngle determine the inner component of the arc up to a full circle.
= origin sets the origin of the target image. This is also settable by dragging the target image.
= Use the images menu for selecting the source image.
= Import your own images by menu item "IMPORT...", the menu is then auto-updated.
= Shift-Select from the images menu to delete an image.
= "Copy/Export" image by clicking the button at its left/right half.

= Choose "From_Input_Field" from the images menu. The input field appears.

The stack contains help (describing also other options).
The stack runs in LC 6/7/8/9, fastest in LC 6.7.11.

[-hh et bn fecerunt, Jan 2017]
For much more stacks see the collection here (for Raspi/Mac/Win/Linux):
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