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DePerspective/Undistort Images 1.0.1

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  • 10 March 2017
DePerspective/Undistort (four-point) distortion
DePerspective/Undistort (quadrilateral/fourPoint) distortion
v1.0.0 .... first public release .......................... Mar 10, 2017
v1.0.1 .... work around 704 bug (Raspi) ........ Mar 10, 2017

The stack runs on Mac/Win/Linux using LC 6/7/8/9, and on RaspberryPi using (the for Raspi available) LC 651 or LC 704.

This is the inverse operation of the (quadrilateral/fourpoint) perspective distortion. It removes such a distortion from an image (includes 'unskew' and 'unrotate'). More exactly: It tries to remove such a distortion using your manual guidance.

You choose EditMode and drag one of the four handles to indicate the distortion.
Actions to PREPARE the first result and to act on the first result AFTER Undistortion are available (incl. direct usage of Tesseract OCR, if installed).

Help is contained in the stack.

For more info on this stack and more other stacks see the collection here (for Raspi/Mac/Win/Linux):
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