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LC 8+9 (46) | Browser widget (24) | Image (17) | Imagedata (12)
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  • 15 January 2019
## v1.9.2 ... Jan 15, 2019 added SymmetricNearestNeighbor (up to 11x11)
## v1.9.0 ... Jan 13, 2019 added Stippling effect filter (5 methods)
## v1.8.6 ... Aug 26, 2018 added Color-Dithering (6 Methods)
## v1.8.0 ... Aug 25, 2018 added Kuwahara filter (tup to 11x11)
## v1.7.5 ... Aug 24, 2018 added Quantile filter (0-100% of up to 15x15)
## v1.7.0 ... May 21, 2018 added Matrix (Convolve up to 7x7) and ColorMatrix
## v1.2.5 ... Oct 07, 2017 added Dithering (and a custom color chooser)
## v1.1.1 ... Jun 12, 2017 added ROI and rewritten javascript
## v1.0.1 ... Mar 25, 2017 first public version
## See credits at top of the HTMLText in the stack

LC-ImageToolBox89_v190 runs in LC 8/9 on Mac and Win (and linux***).
Identical effects are available (on Mac only) from LC-ImageToolBox6789Mac_v190 for LC 6/7/8/9.

SymmetricNearestNeighbor: Similar to Median- and Kuwahara filtering, but more edge preserving.
Stippling: Acts with "dots". Similar to but different from Pointillism.
Color-Dithering: Does a 1-bit dither for each of the R-G-B-channels.
Kuwahara: Replaces each pixel with the mean value of the one of four subsquares that has minimal values variance.
Quantile: A quantile at x% is a generalized median which is a quantile at 50%, minimum is a 0%-quantile, maximum is a 100%-quantile. Select the x and the size of the population (surrounding square for each pixel).
Matrix/ColorMatrix: Add your own values by using the template entries (see script of the prepared menu buttons). RightClick btn "Matrix or btn "colorMatrix" to get the current values correctly formatted for pasting.
DROI_special: It is sometimes of interest to process a single sub-region of an image, leaving other regions unchanged. This is commonly referred to as region-of-interest (ROI) processing. We specify such a ROI by an editable polygon, an oval or a rectangle. You may choose to use a selected region as ROI or not the selected region (or process the whole image).
The D in 'DROI' stands for Dithering (Atkinson, Floyd-Steinberg, ...).

We use Canvas2D only (no webGL because of issues with some graphic cards) in a hidden browser widget. Performance depends on your hardware (or virtual machine hardware part).

The URL of the browser is always empty, its htmlText is set by the script. Look at the javascript part of the HTML field to see that the core of the scripts is very similar to handling the imageData in LCScript.
To show this similarity to LCScript is the main purpose of this stack.

Scripts are free for non-commercial use. For commercial use please pay once a small fee to the LC-developer-help-fund.

*** See the LC-Forum
for instructions how to solve this. Thanks to Max Vessi for elaborating the shell-script for that.

Thanks to Jonathan Lynch for hinting to the possibilty to use the javascript of the browser widget for image processing.
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