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  • Hermann Hoch
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  • 12 May 2017
As of May 12, 2017. Works in any version of LC 6/7/8/9, but on Mac only (= the only revBrowser-platform that supports Canvas2d).

The stack lets you import any SVG that revBrowser can display and converts it to a PNG.
The SVG data is stored and resizing the image converts it newly from its original SVG code (to at most 96 dpi, a HTML5 restriction).

[0] Use button "IMPORT SVG" and then choose the pointer tool for the object "Resize Me" and your import reveals.
[1] While resizing hold Shift down for a proportional resize, hold Option/Alt down for resizing to a square (all given the original SVG data).
[2] You can copy and paste the images to other stacks. Paste back the images that still have their SVG stored as custom property and resize them again in this stack (on base of that original SVG data).
[3] RightClick in browse mode offers the option to crop to opaque, that is to remove 'superfluous' transparency from an object (what doesn't change the SVG code, if it is in the SVG then it comes back with next "resize-from-SVG").

This stack is a slightly different variant of Jonathan Lynch's stack which uses a browser widget. Jonathan had the idea for that.

We use for the SVG-to-PNG conversion the javascript (Canvas2d of HTML5) of a revBrowser instance. That's why it works too in LC 6/7 (but on Mac only).
The current SVG icons are from the open_icon_library.

[-hh fecit, May 2017]
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