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  • 12 May 2017
## v0.0.1 ... first public version ................. May 12, 2017


Works in any version of LC 8/9 on Mac/Win/linux (having a correctly running browser widget).

We use the SVG engine of the browser widget to display text crawling along an svg path, also animated.

I wrote the HTML/SVG-input for that as simple as possible:
= The pathes are basic and use only one bezier curve each.
= It uses also Google's font api (if online-access is available).
You may change the points/control points of the pathes, the used web fonts or the fill and stroke colors.

The text-/texpath-/animation-attributes are explained very clear in the MDN SVG-Docs, see

I needed a part of that (text along a static "bow"), so I invested two more hours to produce this demo stack.

Have fun. [-hh fecit, May 2017]
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