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Lc 6+7+8+9 (5) | Color picker (3) |
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  • 08 December 2017
Version 2: Dec 8, 2017... version "Plus" (some new features), Basic is still there
Version 1: Dec 4, 2017... version "Basic"

Starting with MacOS 10.13 using a LiveCode version <= 7 causes a CRASH when closing the colorDialog ("answer color"). *** This bug will never be removed. ***

So, in order to use your own LC 6/7 stacks on MacOS 10.13 or later, you have to use your own color chooser dialog. Here is a simple version, that switches on a LiveCode version > 7 to the usual color dialog (use latest version of LC 8 or LC 9 which has removed the crashing bug), optionally uses always the self-made chooser.

Usage for both "colorRGB" and "colorRGBPlus"
--- Select color values for all three channels (use the shiftKey while dragging for selecting a gray color values).
--- Click a value field to get a dialog for the r,g,b-input.
--- Click "
Additional features in "colorRGBPlus"
--- Click on a "spectrum" to select the group's currentColor.
--- RightClick one of the 12 preset swatches to memorise the currentColor of the group.
--- ShiftRightClick one of the 12 preset swatches to reset all 12 swatches to their default colors.
--- The swatch at mid right is the computed contrastColor (uses W3C contrastRatio accessibility recommendation) of the currentColor. Click to select it as currentColor.

Help is enclosed in the stack (it is only one handler for the stack and a slightly changed input of your color swatches).

__[Of course this self made color chooser works also on earlier MacOS and Win 7/10 and linux 32bit/64bit.]__
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