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LC 8+9 (44) | Browser widget (22) | Text (13) | CSS filter (2) | CSS transforms (2)
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  • 29 December 2017
hhTextEditBasic 1.0.3
hhTextEditBasic 1.0.3 ... removed small bugs ... Dec 29, 2017
hhTextEditBasic 1.0.2 ... first public release ... Dec 28, 2017

Tested to work on
== Mac 10.13.2: using LC 8.1.8 and 9.0.0-dp11
== Win 7+10: using LC 8.1.8 and 9.0.0-dp11
(workaround: browser widget sometimes removes keyboard focus from the stack)
== linux (Ubuntu 16.04_64bit and Mint 173c_32bit) using LC 8.1.8
(browser widget is 'buggy' on linux/LC 9.0.0 up to dp11)
linux needs a special start , see http://forums.livecode.com/viewtopic.php?p=153351#p153351

This is close to a "TextEdit" widget: Uses a browser widget as "text field".
This basic edition allows by that to use modern inline styles (extending the HTML-subset of LC's htmltext), especially text-align justify, 2D transforms (skew, scale, translate), 3D-rotations and perspective transforms.
Moreover you can apply some filters (blur, grayLevel, sepia etc.) to the text as a whole.

Of course you can edit the transformed/ rotated/ filtered text while it is transformed/ rotated/ filtered.

Saving and restoring is implemented.

** Just as with ordinary fields you edit the 'output', and only optionally the HTML-source! **

It has NO dependencies, uses HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and some features of LiveCode.
You can EXPORT the result to an HTML file with all these properties --- only the availability of the chosen textFont remains your problem. You can even edit (but NOT save without further work) the display of that html file in your browser, if it is one of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and MSEdge (not IE 11 and earlier).

The stack contains also
= hhTextEdit-Zero (a one-liner) and
= hhTextEdit-Mini (very basic textEdit only).

More features in hhTextEdit-Full (to appear in 2018).
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