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LC 8+9 (44) | Browser widget (22) | Text (13) | CSS filter (2) | CSS transforms (2)
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  • 08 January 2018
HHTextEditFull v1.3.7
v1.3.8 ... Jan 09, 2017 .... removed bug with Extras/CurrentSnippet
v1.3.7 ... Jan 08, 2017 .... few enhancements, removed dialog bug
v1.3.6 ... Jan 06, 2017 .... first public version

>>> After downloading the Export/Preview actions work correctly as soon as you have saved the stack.

[Uses the _livecode.com_ browser widget]
[Uses the _summernote.org_ editor]
[Snippets of Bootstrap3 by _w3schools.com_]
[Uses the _codemirror.net_ code editor]
[Uses the _khan.github.io/KaTeX_ TeX engine]

This builds upon HHTextEditBasic. Has a lot of more features. Just try!
[Uses a browser widget as "text field" and extends by that largely the htmltext features you know from LC text fields]
Of course you can edit the transformed/ rotated/ filtered text while it is transformed/ rotated/ filtered.

** Just as with ordinary fields you edit the 'output', and only optionally the HTML-source! **
Help is included in the editor.

There are such a lot of features. I couldn't test all.
Testing results, using LC 8.1.8 and LC 9.0.0-dp11:
= on MacOS 10.13.2: no issues
= on Win 7 and Win 10: rarely (irrelevant) messages from the browser widget
= linux: Mint173c-32bit and Ubuntu/Xubuntu 16.04-64 bit:
The image dialog for embedding local images (base64 encoded) does NOT work on linux. I'll work around that in a future version.
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