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  • 02 February 2018
Feb 02, 2018 ... v102b (removed a bug in the generating script)
Feb 02, 2018 ... v102 (first release)

* This is for LC 8 (version > 8.1.4). LC 9 is currently (as of 9.0.0-dp11) not supported, sorry.
* Works with newer MacOS/ Win 7+10/ Linux (Ubuntu).

The stack is a "builder" for a controls-widget using hhControls v1.0.2 (and widget hhControls 1.0.0 if colorswatches are used).
Download these widgets with [hh]-widgets-un-installer.

The stack generates moreover a script that builds your widget (especially for use with "popup widget"). All widgets from the demo stack to hhControls were made with the ControlKit in a few minutes.

You can use this stack also for an easy edit of your built widgets (just copy the widget back to the controlKit for that).

The stack is probably best to start with widget hhControls and to explore the properties of the controls and to test the message that is sent by the widget on mouseUp.
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