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  • James Hale
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  • 09 April 2018
Convert SUB and SSa to SRT as well as change frame rate of srt
A utility stack to convert either SSA or SUB subtitles to the SRT format.

You can also load a SRT subtitle file and change the frame rate.

For example if the SRT was made for a 23.987 fps video but the copy you have is 25 fps then this will convert the timecodes in the SRT file to match the 25 fps video.

What 's new:
Modified .sub check to confirm a framerate present and use regext to extract.
If no rate present offer oppurtunity to enter one.

Updated interface will now recognise file by its extension and offer appropiate conversion.
ssa and sub fies converted to srt can also undergo a framerate conversion once converted.
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