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LC 8+9 (44) | Image (17) | Imagedata (12) | Color tone curve (2)
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  • Hermann Hoch
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  • 11 February 2018
Color tonality curve for LC 8/9 (uses a hidden browser widget)
Color tonality curve for images = LC-Magick #10

version 1.0.2 of Feb 11, 2018 ... improved layering of curves, removed typos
version 1.0.1 of Feb 11, 2018 ... first public version

The stack is tested to run using LC 8/9 on Mac/ WIn 7+10/ Ubuntu (use latest LC 8/9 on linux).
Tip: When editing the handles set the selectionHandleColor to "red". RightClick a handle to remove it or to add another handle.

This is a fast variant of stack #104 from the Raspi stacks collection (which is "pure" LC Script and slow with LC 8/9). Here we use JavaScript in a hidden browser widget for the part that applies the tone curve to the image data. The tone curves are still computed in LC Script.

A "color tonality curve" is a color function that is applied to the color values of your input image. The input values are on the horizontal axis (x) the output values are on the vertical axis (y).

See more details to the method here
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