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  • 21 June 2019
## v1.0.0 2018-08-28 ... First version on LiveCodeShare (Sample stacks)
## v1.5.0 2019-06-20 ... Added computation of frequencies of used colors
## v1.6.0 2019-06-20 ... Added 4,8,16,32,64,128,256 bins to rgb frequencies
## v1.6.5 2019-06-21 ... Removed an error in the javascript for (R,G,B) triplets

Use ImageStatistics with latest versions of LC 8/9 on Mac/ Win 7+10/ linux(Ubuntu).

This is a very fast computation of the (marginal) color-values distribution of an image.
It uses javaScript (via a browser widget) for accessing the imageData.

You get the raw data**, that is the frequencies of the color values 0-255 for each of the R/G/B-channels and the grayscaled image.
For the histogram of the values and a table you can select to put the data in 2^2 or 2^3 or ... or 2^8 'bins' (value categories). Creating the histograms and their display display is done in pure LC Script.

Optionally you get a frequency listing of all used (R,G,B)-triplets. You can put these into the x^3 bins that result from a divison of each channel range 0-255 into x=4,8,16,32,64,128,256 channel bins.

**** If you wish to have low/high ranges (0-127 and 128-255) simply add 2 to the "bins" menus. ****

Moreover you get the modal, mean, stdDev, min, median and max of the values 0-255 for each of the R/G/B-channels and the grayscaled image.

[You can use the raw data for image processing by histogram equalization of one or more of the R/G/B-channels or of the grayscaled image values (easy to implement).]
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