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  • 29 August 2018
Educational Stack
This program was created to fulfill a request from this 2006 mail list thread:

This is the original specification. This stack implements some, but not all, of these features

"This program record a child's vocal response to letters (and eventually numbers, phonemes, words) on a screen. (The program will not itself record sound).

The idea is that the child would work with a teacher alongside him or her at the computer. At the start of the session,
the teacher would press the space-bar and a letter would be displayed on the screen.

After the child's vocal response, the teacher would press ">" to record a correct response or "<" to record an incorrect response.

Either of these actions, or pressing the space-bar (to record no response or some other event, perhaps) would bring
the next character to the screen.

I would be interested in how many correct and incorrect responses the child made in a certain length of time, so the
program could time itself from the first space-bar press to 30 seconds or 60 seconds, or whatever, and then go to e.g. an admin screen.

Probably best if it didn't just quit entirely. The time and numbers of corrects and incorrects would be saved to file (database?) for further use.


1. Pressing the space-bar (could be any key, but seems most appropriate) will display a pseudo-random character on the screen.

2. The characters displayed will be pseudo-randomly selected from a readily changed array of available characters.

3. In the admin section it will be possible to choose e.g. letters a,b,c,d and e as the ones from which the displayed characters will be selected. Changing the possible letters to q,w,e,r and t or any others should be easy to do in the admin section.

4. In the admin section it will be possible to change the font, size and color of the displayed letters (for any one sessions the font etc... would be the same for all letters).

5. The letters will stay on the screen until changed by the next key press.

6. In the admin section it will be possible to choose a time (in seconds) from the first space-bar press during which letters can be presented on the screen. After the chosen time has elapsed, the session will end.

7. The program will record the total number of letters displayed.

8. Pressing < at any time will record a "wrong" response and pressing at any time will record a "right" response. To increase fluency, pressing either of these or the space-bar will bring the next (pseudo-random) character on to the screen.

9. The total number of corrects and incorrects per session will be recorded."
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