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  • Hermann Hoch
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  • 01 October 2018
## v1.0.2b Oct 01, 2018 ... Forgot the script of the non-popup version
[Sorry for three revisions more, I was fooled by the 'revOnline-cache'.]
## v1.0.2 Oct 01, 2018 ... Made to fat widget (and new naming system**)
## v1.0.1 Sep 17, 2018 ... LC 9-version (and made background opaque)
## v1.0.0 Oct 15, 2017 ... first version on "Sample Stacks" (LC 8-version)

**I needed a unique naming system for the kind of the widget and the widget's name in the "Tools" palette. To get less confused when developing...

The kind of the widget has changed to "community.livecode.hermann.colorpicker".
You may have to adjust some of your scripts accordingly (sorry).

This is a demo-stack that has also buttons to install / remove the widget.
The widget is now "fat" (for LC 8 and 9).

Examples in the stack (incl. scripts to evaluate the results):

1. Use as non-popup widget, can be hidden and dragged around
2. Use as popup widget (as a modal dialog).

The widget is free for non-commercial use and has the source code included.
For commercial use please give a (small) fee to the LC developer help fund.
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