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LC 8+9 (46) | LCB widget (16) | Polygons (5)
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  • 10 October 2018
## v1.2.1 Oct 10, 2018 ... Added as fat widget to "Sample Stacks"
(and gave a new name for the Tools palette)

This sample stack contains buttons for installing/ uninstalling the widget to/ from LC 8 and 9.

The kind of the widget has changed to "community.livecode.hermann.polygon".
You may have to adjust some of your scripts accordingly (sorry), or use the old widget (on LC 8) parallel to the new one.

There is detailed documentation in the dictionary and the examples of the stack shall make several features clear.

The widget is free for non-commercial use and has the source code included.
For commercial use please give a (small) fee to the LC developer help fund.
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