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  • 15 October 2018
## v1.0.0 Oct 14, 2018 ... Added as fat widget to "Sample Stacks"
## v1.0.5 Oct 15, 2018 ... Fastened Contrast, improved resizing
[1.0.5-revision 3 had an error in the sample stack. The widget is unchanged 1.0.5]

BaseClock is a widget that displays by special "digits" the time encoded to a number base in range 2-60. Encoded is each of the time items (hours, minutes, seconds). For base 2 this is known as "Binary encoded decimals".

This sample stack contains buttons for installing/ uninstalling the widget to/ from LC 8 and 9. There is also a substack to display the widget using its outline as windowshape.

The display is unique (I invented that) as it doesn't use characters for digits > 9 but decimal "columns". This is easy to read and (manually) to write.

There are 16 options for the display, see the dictionary or open the property inspector.

Some properties of the widget are triggered by the timer, which is (as all timers) stopped in the property inspector. So you may see the changes not before going back to browse mode.

The widget is free for non-commercial use and has the source code included.
For commercial use please give a (small) fee to the LC developer help fund.
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