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  • 27 February 2019
### v0.8.0 Nov 26, 2018 ... first version on "Sample Stacks"
### v0.8.6 Nov 27, 2018 ... disabled tsNet to avoid 'https-bug' (LC 9)
### v0.9.0 Feb 21, 2018 ... removed a bug affecting Win and linux
### v1.0.0 Feb 27, 2018 ... added a text layer for selecting/copying text
### v1.0.1 Feb 27, 2018 ... removed a bug with text selection

Tested to work with LC 902 on 64bit of MacOs 10.14, Win7+10, ubuntu1604
=> Works also with LC 8.1.10 on Mac/Win, but NOT on linux <=

Sometimes one wishes to have a unique PDF display, independent of the user's current internet-plugin. Or one wishes to have a feature that these plugins don't have (for example rotation). Then pdf.js comes in.

hhPDFViewer is a GUI to parts of the JavaScript pdf library "pdf.js"
( https://mozilla.github.io/pdf.js/ (watch the license)).

Current features.
[*] Switch to prev/next/any page of the PDF.
[*] Zoom in/out or fit the PDF to width/height of the widget.
[*] Rotate the PDF to 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees.
[*] GRAB mode. Grab the PDF to scroll it left/up/right/down.
[*] TEXT mode. Select and copy text from the PDF.
[*] Switch pages also with arrowkeys in both modes..
[*] History of used files.

You can display both local and remote pdfs.
And we do NOT need a local server or a temporary file system for that. The full viewerJS of the library can NOT do this without a running on a server server.

The library is included in the stack. Stack size < 500 KBytes.

The stack should run with LC 9.0.2 and later on any platform where the browser widget works. For mobile you still have do some work for resizing the browser widget and the controls group (and changing some triggers).
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