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Expander triangle
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  • Bernd Niggemann
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  • 28 March 2019
Control aligning tool
bnGuides lets you interactively align the controls of a card.

Place the stack in your Plug-in Folder or just open it in LC.

Once it is opened and you are in Edit mode click dragging a control will indicate with lines its postion towards these other controls. You can also select multiple controls and move them as one.

Please read Help in the stack.

version 0.4.8
minor fixes

version 0.5.0
fixed collecting remnants of bnGuides
added optional display of distances to nearest controls (Thanks to bogs for the suggestion and testing)

Based on a suggestion by Rolf Kocherhans.

Stack is in 5.5 version so it should work in 6.x.x up to current LC version.
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Expander triangle
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Expander triangle