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  • 30 December 2018
v110: 2018-12-29 ... first version on "Sample stacks"
v115: 2018-12-30 ... removed a bug for only one row and/or only one column

This is from the image part the same as the pure LC-Script version "JigsawPuzzle2d" here on "Sample Stacks" (which runs on LC 6/7/8/9 an desktop (and even Raspi).

It has moreover the option to play a puzzle from a running video (which may be optionally paused while solving).

You can choose the server (with videos from the server) and get an installation instruction for use with your local server (and local videos). The page (URL) can use videos from the same server only.

The segmenting of the video frames is done with canvas methods in javascript using a hidden browser widget. This will stress your CPU/GPU!

[Edit May 16, 2019: The following is only valid for LC < 9.0.5:
WARNING: This runs currently with a memory leaking of up to 5 MByte per second while a video is playing. You have to quit LiveCode after a while for releasing the memory (closing the stack and removing it from memory is not enough).]
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