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  • 30 January 2019
## v105 ... Feb 1, 2019 ... First version on "Sample Stacks"

The stack works with all editions of LC 6/7/8/9 on Mac/Win/linux and on Raspi 2/3 (with LC 651 and 704)

TimelapseCamera lets you ...

* select one of the (web-)cameras attached to your machine.
* set an interval of 5 to 86400 seconds.
* set an imageSize (set the width to scale proportional).
* select to see a preview.
* select to start the timelapse (saving the snapshots).

Of course you can have snapshots from different cameras at (roughly) the same time by running renamed copies of the stack in different folders.

Then the snapshots are made at the given time intervals and saved to a folder "CAM" in the stack's folder (if the stack is not yet saved it depends on the OS where "CAM" will be created...).
So, when loading from "Sample Stacks", first save the stack, then close and reopen it and you'll get no errors.

This is done by non-LC utilities. They could run in the temporary folder but I save them to the stack's folder so that they are easier to find for you.

NOTE. The stack is tested to run with LC 6 and LC 9 on all the above platforms. Any problems you encounter may result from a file path that contains spaces or single quotes (like "Joe's folder"). I leave it up to you to solve such problems.

License MIT (due to the utilities).
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