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LC 8+9 (47) | HTML5 (5)
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  • Hermann Hoch
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  • 02 September 2019
### v1.0.0 ... Aug 31, 2019 ... first version on "Sample Stacks"
### v1.2.0 ... Sep 02, 2019 ... improved resizing and 'add buttons'

This is an extension of HTML5 Multi Windows (Focus-Move-Resize) v120 and adds the feature to load stack windows from a server.

Go stack url works from SOP (same origin policy) only if protocol, host and port are the same as the page address. So, if the stacks are on the same server as your standalone you have to prepend the correct protocol (http: or https:). We get the address/protocol using javascript.
Then the stack is loaded as substack and Delete/Close/Resize-buttons are added. The stack can be moved by grabbing any unused pixel of the card's background. Use btns 'Open/Close' and 'Delete' to close, open or delete any substack. RightClick the Delete/Close buttons to grab them.

The stack is close to ready for compiling but NOT from the Test button of the LC toolbar:

You need a (local) server and have to change the url of the stacks in btn "GoStackURL" to such ones that are on the same server (and, of course, run in HTML5).
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