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  • 26 October 2019
# v110...Oct 26,2019....First version on SampleStacks

The stack does (kind of) Steganography with an image, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steganography

The stack runs (offline) using LC 8.1.10/9.0.5/9.5 on MacOS > 10.12 and, using LC 8.1.10/9.0.5, on win 7/10 and linux (ubuntu1604). Be patient on windows, it's a bit slower than on Mac.

The goal was here to have a method that uses in a standard way only the alphadata of an image to hide embedded text.
By that
== we can use ANY base64 encoded data for embedding. We use as examples plainText, htmlText and an image. Other examples are styledText, rtfText or a svgPath.
== we can clean the image from embedded code by simply resetting the alphadata of that image.

That is, who knows that Steganograph embedded an object...
...can remove that object with a short script.
...can not read the embedded object as "clear" data, except he knows what YOU do with the object before embedding.

We use compressing and base64Encoding of the embed-data.
The decoding and encoding is done by a JS library via a browser widget.
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