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  • Stam Kapetanakis
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  • 12 January 2021
ComboBox replacement
A simple combobox replacement, which features:
- filter popup list automatically by typing in field; clearing the text shows all values
- show/hide popup list with the escape key
- arrow key navigation of popup list
- select a value in the popup list with the return or enter keys (or click on value)
- simple API to add list of values for popup and to clear popup.
- resize the height/width of the popup list by adjusting the dimensions of the group

- uValue (custom property) returns the selected value
Example: put the uValue of group "comboBox"

- populateCombo pValueList
pValueList is a return-delimited list of values. Populates the popupList
Example: send “populateCombo tValueList” to group “comboBox”

- clearCombo
clears the popup list and entry field of all values
Example: send “clearCombo” to group “comboBox”

updated resizing handler to work correctly with popup list
added get/set methods for custom property uValue which stores the value selected/shown in field
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