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  • Stam Kapetanakis
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  • 16 March 2022
LiveCode IDE utility for copying datagrids to other stacks, or cloning these (make the destination datagrid identical to the source datagrid)
NOTE: Buttons are widget of type Universal Button - get it free here: https://github.com/revig/universal-button-widget
Unlikely to work without this!!

=== changes ====
- Fixed 2 problems with destination template stack not being referenced in the destination data grid's dgProps
- Fixed setting of destination template's card in the destination substack pointing to the source card's behaviour
- Fixed problem with the data grid's scrollbar properties which are now copied separately, as they aren't included in the group properties.

Utility for copying or cloning (make the destination datagrid identical to the source datagrid) datagrids to another (or the same) stack. This may be best used as plugin for easy access.

skDataGridCloner is a utility for replicating datagrids especially for use with other stacks. Datagrids use a template substack where each card corresponds to a respective datagrid template and these need to follow the datagrid if copied to another stack.

- Click on the source datagrid and click the Source button to assing it as source

- Click on a destination datagrid and click the Destination button to assign it. If no datagrid is selected, it will assume the destination is the current card of the topstack.

- If a destination datagrid is selected the option to Clone the datagrid will be enabled - the destination will be changed to an exact copy of the source

- If no destination datagrid is selected and a card is selected instead, the option to Copy the datagrid will be activated instead.

- If the mainstack of the destination has no Data Grid Templates substack, one will be created. The template card corresponding to the source is copied to the new or existing datagrid template substack and wired up with the datagrid group.
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