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  • Neville Smythe
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  • 15 April 2022
nsScriptDatabase version 2.1
This stack (which is best used compiled into a standalone) maintains a database of the scripts in your stacks or code snippets. Often when developing a stack you need to look at scripts of previous versions, but this cannot easily be done in LC because only one stack with a given name can be open at a time. By adding versions of a stack to the database you can quickly access all its scripts, and compare versions. You can add keywoirds and comments so that scripts can easily be found, and you can find forgotten code "what was that scipt I wote some time before 20i8 where I had a comment about a memory leak". And you can quickly save code snippets or notes for handlers you use frequently or find in the LC forums.

In version 2.1 you can optionally add properties of all objects to the database, which means the complete state of the stack when saved is captured.

Yoiu don't need to know anything about database to use nsScriptDatabase effectively.
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