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Create UI from JSON v2

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  • Lloyd Merithew
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  • 01 August 2022
Example of how to use JSON Data to create a card's UI
This stack has a field containing JSON data of a LiveCode card objects that is used to recreate the UI of the card.

Clicking on the button "Create UI on this card from this JSON data" will delete and recreate the two fields on the left side of the card as well as the button "Click to Display All Card Objects and Scripts". It also adds the scripts found in the JSON Data to the LiveCode objects (buttons, fields). Some LiveCode object properties can only be applied once the objects has been saved to activate it before it's properties can be applied (see card script for examples).

The button "Create New Hyperlinks" replaces the script of the field "MyField" to allow you to create a hyperiink by selecting a word(s) and add the Https URL.

The button "Active HyperLinks" resets the script of the field "MyField" and setting the "Lock Text" property so clicking on a hyperlink will open an URL
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