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  • 14 October 2023
rAlert, an app for notifying
rAlert is an app for notifying users. It checks with the server if there is anything new every 50 seconds. If there is a notification that has to be displayed it will show a little popup at the corner of your screen telling you the title and the contents of that notification. It can store up to 4 notification and display popup for 1 notification (the top one).

It takes data from my server which is not allways online so if you want to have your own notifications in it and control it with your server you can.
! For this you have to have a web server !
1. Open the app and press letter S on your keyboard
2. Click on download, and click yes or no if you want or don't want help with setting it up
3. Extract the ssar.zip file, you should get a folder calles "ssar"
4. Take that folder and move it to the root of your web server
5. That's it, now just go to rAlert, press letter S again and select "Change server" and type in the URL of your web server. Don't forget to add http:// or https:// on the beginning and a / on the end. That is really important!

If you have any questions you can contact me on LiveCode forum, my username is ckacadv
Or if you have restrictions like me on the forum and cant send messages, message me on Discord (i'm much more active there): ckacadv
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