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Single Digit 24 Game

Game (40) | Maths (14)
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  • Ian McKnight
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  • 16 April 2009
Game 24 v 1.9
A stack that provides solutions to the 24 Game.

You are given 4 digits all of which must be used, but no more than once, to make 24. You may add, subtract, multiply or divide but not use powers or roots.

The stack will randomly generate a 4 digit number and provide solutions. It will identify where no solutions and fractional solutions are possible. It is also possible to enter your own 4 digit combination.

The solutions and desktop can be hidden from view to allow use in a classroom situation. An 'LED' now indicates the condition of the hidden answers: RED - no solution; AMBER - fraction only solution; GREEN - all other solutions

The stack makes use of Tactile Media tm|gradient and tm|color plugins and one of Scott Rossi's sample gauges
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