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Quartz Changing Parameters

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  • 21 April 2009
Quartz Changing Parameters
Quartz is an graphic processing framework built by Apple. It includes, Core Image, Core Video, Core Animation, QuickTime, Open GL and more.

This is the second of such quartz for revolution stacks uploaded to rev online. Changing Parameters will show how you can set up an UI for changing Input Protocols at runtime by the use of the shell function. This Example is using built in default OS X 10.5 core Image/ Quartz Repository effects. Gamma Adjust, Color Controls and Exposure Controls that are similar to the Imaging controls found in Apple's Preview and iPhoto.

The stack includes many custom command and functions that can be reused as an Library. My full quartz rev Library is not fully ready, but many have downloaded the beta. You can really just watch all the videos screen cast I made and look at these stacks to start adding this to your projects now.

This stack has a video walk through that has links with in the stack. I recommend viewing all the screen-casts to get the most out of using this technology within revolution, as it works a little different than it would from an xcode built app.

The linked video has to load fully in your browser to hear the audio.

Note: This stack does require OS X 10.5 or later and QuickTime 7.3 or later to function 100% as it uses an Apple framework only found in OS X 10.5 and later.

Also note I have Quartz for rev Repository & Player Example stack on rev online. All quartz examples show different things. You may want both to learn how to use quartz with in revolution.
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