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Install Rev CGI 1.1

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  • 28 April 2009
Automatically Install Rev's CGI Engine to a server
Install Rev CGI comes with a wizard that (from the help):

What the Wizard does:

- It prompts you through entering your server and FTP login information.
- It then tests to confirm the information you entered is correct. If it is not, it gives you the opportunity to correct.
- It then allows you to select and upload a Rev CGI engine to your server.
- Only engines from Rev versions 2.9.0 or greater are allowed to be selected with the Wizard. You can upload earlier engines (see below).
- It sets the permissions on your CGI direcory and engine to 755.
- It identifies and creates a subdirectory of your CGI directory and uploads revdb.so and all database drivers to this subdirectory.
- It sets the permission on the directory and all of the database driver files to 755.
- It creates an extension stack that attaches the database drivers and uploads it to your CGI directory and sets its permissions to 755.
- It creates a test SQLite database, populates it and uploads it to a subdirectory of your CGI directory.
- It creates a small CGI script to access this database to test downloading records from it.
- It then tests database connectivity by accessing the SQLite database on your server and downloading records.
- It creates a sample Hello World script for you to test CGI engine access. More...
- All uploads are in binary.

Once the Wizard completes, you can upload the Sample Script and View it in your browser. In addition, Install Rev CGI allows your to:

- Download any script from your CGI directory.
- Load any script from your computer.
- Modify any script (Install Rev CGI is not intended as a script editor, but you can make changes for testing purposes).
- Upload any script to your CGI directory (this eliminates any questions about line endings issues).
- View any script in your default browser.
- Compare any two scripts at the ASCII level to see if and where they differ.
- Upload engines prior to 2.9.0 (you do this using the Post Engine to Srvr button. Database drivers are not uploaded)
- Upload more than one Rev version of the CGI engine to the same CGI directory of the same server.
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