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3d Tag Cloud

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  • 12 August 2009
A spherical tag cloud
The glitches in the geometry have been ironed out for this version and you can now vary the color of the tags and the background using the two controls in the top left of the stack. Have put in code to keep the rotation rate independent of the number of tags.

To add tags to the cloud just type in the "Tag input" field and hit return, you can enter multiple tags by entering a comma seperated list. If you add a tag more than once it will increase the weighting of that tag which will increase its size. Press reset to remove all tags. The cloud will resize if you resize the stack. As you mouse over tags they will highlight, if you click on one it will select that tag and place the tag into the "Selected tag" field.

The code is all in the group so it can be used on any stack. You can get the selected tag information by using "get the cSelectedTag" of the group. You can add tags using the "addTags(list of tags)" method. In the setProp for the selected tag I've left in a message which puts the selected tag into the field "selected tag" of this card, be sure to remove this line if you are using this in your own stack. Have a look at the constants at the top of the script to tweak some of its behaviour. The tags use the current foregound color of the stack when they are created.
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