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0m3ga.net - QR Code Generator + Library Stack

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  • 11 August 2009
QR Code Generator + Library Stack
This is a very simple stack utilizing Googles very UN-Friendly API Charts. Which later I'll combine into one.

It creates a QR encoded Code picture, for use with camera phones and newly HTC Magic ;)

To use this in your own application just simply put the plain text string into a variable like tText and push a functions output into the filename of an image like:

on Example
put "0m3ga" into tText
start using stack "0QR"
set the filename of image "img" to QRGen(tText)
stop using stack "0QR"
end Example

This is a very simple concept and can easily be used to specify websites, other misc information and simply plain text in your apps as a fun simulation for people to scan with their mobile phones to get a secret message. I personally would use this as away of generate SN's and Keys for Applications.

Any comments or questions, email me @ qberty@0m3ga.net
Or hit by the forums 0m3ga.net/forum
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