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Blowfish and UTF-8 RunRev libraries

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  • 06 November 2009
Blowfish encryption and decryption (incl. UTF-8)
This RunRev stack contains a Blowfish encryption and decryption library. Using this library, programmers can call functions to encrypt and decrypt a plaintext to a ciphertext. The ciphertext is additionally encoded as a sequence of hexadecimal codes so that the ciphertext can be easily transmitted online, via eMail etc. This ciphertext format also ensures that the ciphertext can be used cross-platform without any changes. All library functions are free of any copyright and can be changed, used, etc. royalty-free.

For additional cross-platform compatibility, this stack also includes a library for UTF-8 encoding and decoding. Although this functionality is also present in RunRev, I chose to adapt a Javascript source to RunRev so that I can be sure that the characters of the message are processed exactly the same on any platform and in any browser (the internal UTF-8 appearing as a kind of black-box). If you plan to include characters with ASCII codes higher than 127, it is recommended you encode the plaintext to UTF-8 first (library included in this stack), and encrypt afterwards. Decryption would be followed by UTF-8 decode accordingly

Blowfish is a (royalty-free) symmetric block cipher. Symmetric means that for encryption and decryption, the same key is used. So protecting the security
of your code means protecting the key. No successful attempts at breaking Blowfish have been published as of yet (November 2009).

Michael Kuyumcu
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