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Trachtenberg Trainer

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  • 17 November 2009
The Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics - Trainer
Have you ever wished you could perform basic mathematics (multiplication and division) with lightning speed? This program trains you in the "Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics". You can practice UT (units-tens-) training as a prerequisite for fast multiplication, multiplication of large numbers, NT (number-tens) calculation, and fast division with remainders.

The training stack lets you choose how many problems you wish to answer, takes the time you need and calculates a score. It also keeps one highscore in every training area. Over time, your calculation skill and speed will improve greatly!

The training software does not give you explanations on the how-to of the Trachtenberg speed method. You will have to read the details for yourself. To do so, get a copy of the book "Trachtenberg Speed System of Basic Mathematics" for about 8 British pounds (or a hilarious 70 Euros if you should opt for the German version).

This second revision squashes a bug in the fast division that surfaced when both the dividend and the divisor were of length 1. Also, it addresses an issue with font baselines on Mac OS X systems.

Enjoy your new skill!
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