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  • Bernd Niggemann
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  • 16 February 2010
change column dividers in table fields by dragging
This tries to teach the table field object some tricks

just take a standard field, if it's vgrid (in the table properties) is set to true then this will work
of course you can also use a standard table field with it's revCell editing true or false

the field has to be locked for this to work

a backdoor is to hold the option and command key (alt + command key on windows) down when entering the field (moving the mouse into the field without pressing the mouse) this will set the locktext to true, to end the locktext leave the field and enter it again without modifier keys

over column dividers the cursor will change and you can change its size by click dragging (min width 3 pixel)

if you are over the leftmost divider (the first from left) and press the option key (or alt key) you change the width of all dividers at once

if you press the control key and click anywhere in the field, the dividers will adjust to the width of the text in the columns with 20 pixel min width and 150 pixel max width, adjustable in the script.
you can put this script into a behavior button and assign that button to any number of fields or you paste this script into your field script.
sometimes a simple tablefield can be useful and it is less complicated then a datagrid or a listmagic field, for anything more involved of course those are much more powerful.
Feb 2010 Bernd Niggemann
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