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Extra-curricular Attendance Register

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  • 16 January 2010
Extra-curricular Attendance Register (eCar 1.8.1)
eCar satisfies a requirement to provide an attendance register for an after school club. The students would provide their name, class and school username on their first attendance, thereafter they would merely select their name from a list and enter a three digit password. The only program specific points would be

1) the username is expected to be a string of letters followed by a 3 digit number eg jsmith123. Its the 123 that the user enters to confirm their subsequent attendance.
2) the class is expected to be one or two digits then a letter followed by a number er 12R4 or 8B2
3) eCar blocks dates in July and August and on weekends.

The registers can be viewed within the program itself, however, the real purpose is to allow export to a spreadsheet such as MS Excel where final presentation and printing can occur.

The register is editable with the exception of the username - that can't be changed. The edit menu is password protected - the password is included the help file - it is only intended to prevent casual tampering.

The main register is usually stored in a shared file so that more than one member of staff can access it however, a copy is also kept in the staff members Documents folder for additional security.
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