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A Group Replication Problem

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  • Alistair Campbell
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  • 24 January 2010
A problem with replicating a subgroup
This stack provides a hands on example of how I have coded the replication of a subgroup within a group set for scrolling so it looks all nice.

The problem is that the stack behaves as expected unless you scroll to the last added replication and then ad another subgroup. For some reason the space between the last subgroup and the next one is bigger than the constant set to determine that - which makes the thing look really untidy.

You can repeat this "bad" behaviour by creating a couple of new subgroups using the "New Client Plan" button. Notice the nice and consistent 3 pixel gap between each new replication. Once you have 3 or 4 scroll to the bottom of the subgroups and make another replication. Bingo- this replicant is displaced by a wide space. What the...?

It all behaves as expected so long as you don't scroll to the bottom of the group before you replicate a new subgroup. Obviously not what I intended. Any thoughts on why this doesn't behave as expected would be wlecomed. Any neat coding tips or tricks would also be welcomed because, as you can see, I'm just banging this together.
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